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Alkaline water 101: Water is known as the universal solvent and is essential to life. Plants, animals and humans all rely upon water to help with chemical reactions at the cellular level. Water is so essential that humans can only survive for a few days without it, and dehydration is a serious health concern. Unfortunately only a few people are aware about the chemistry of water and the benefits of alkaline water. Also, many people are not even aware of the quality issues surrounding the water that they ingest daily.

A single molecule of water consists of one oxygen atom, containing eight protons and eight electrons, and two hydrogen atoms, each containing one electron and one proton. Protons have a positive charge and electrons have a negative charge, and these opposites attract. Because oxygen atoms are larger than hydrogen atoms, the one electron in each hydrogen atom attracts to the eight protons in the oxygen atom. This attraction is the bond that forms a water molecule, and it is this same attraction that causes the oxygen side of a water molecule to have a more negative charge from attracting the hydrogen electrons. By the same mechanism, the hydrogen side of water molecules have a slight positive charge from losing electrons. This chemical reaction allows other molecules to easily bond with the hydrogen in water and is the reason that water so easily dissolves other substances.

In order to enjoy the health benefits of alkaline water it is first filtered then processed through a water ionizer. Alkaline water is the same as ionized water. Normal water is neutral and has a pH of about 7. In this neutral state, water has a tendency to oxidize other molecules. Oxidation is a process by which oxygen atoms steal electrons from other atoms. This process is very helpful to kill bacteria, viruses and sterilize medical instruments, but this same process can cause problems within the body if there is too much oxygen that bonds to other cells. When excess active oxygen bonds to other body cells, this reaction can cause cell damage and aging. Atoms that bond with and damage cells, such as active oxygen, are known as free radicals. Preventing free radicals and stopping oxidation may be the key to good health. For example, oxidized liver tissue may cause cirrhosis or cancer, oxidized pancreas tissue may cause pancreatitis or cancer, and oxidized kidney tissue may result in kidney disease or cancer. Preventing oxidation of important cells and tissues within the body is vital for avoiding disease, minimizing cell damage and maintaining maximum health.

alkaline water
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Alkaline Water
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